2017 Priority Projects: Water and Toilets in Every School

Every minute, a child dies from illnesses due to dirty water and poor sanitation. 

Today, you can change that.


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By August 2017, we will have constructed 32 new toilets and 5 water catchment systems in 10 of our schools in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

Donations of any amount will go towards moving this project forward!



More about the project

Cost of 1 toilet = $950


Many schools have toilets in similar condition: crumbling foundation, caved-in roofs and walls, missing doors, etc. Without safe and available toilets, oftentimes girls do not come to school after they begin menstruating. Some schools also only have about 6 toilets for over 600 students. With secure walls and functioning doors, students will be able to safely and confidently use the washroom—and they will also have a place to wash their hands. Many schools do not have sinks for students after toilet use. For each school that gets new toilets, we will also construct a hand sanitization station.

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Cost of 1 water catchment system = $1,200

Many schools do not have access to a close (or even a clean) water source. In many cases, students must walk several kilometres to get water—and the water that they can collect from streams poses serious health concerns. New water catchment systems effortlessly allow schools to collect and store water in large tanks through piping. Having water stored directly on school grounds saves valuable learning time for students, reduces water-borne illnesses, and drastically improves water access during times of drought. Click here to visit our Water Program page.

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