Sustainable Change to Improve Lives

Our mission is to deliver sustainable foundations needed to improve lives, in partnerships with local community leaders, development organizations, and government ministries.

Our Strategy

We work with community leaders in the recipient countries for typically 5 to 10 years. Our goal is to ensure that the community has the necessities to sustain health, education, water supply, basic agriculture, and economic growth. We partner with government, local agencies, and the people living in the community to manage and operate the projects, ensuring they become permanently independent.

We engage volunteers in Canada from all walks of life to initially manage projects and monitor progress and development. Canadian volunteers visit the communities throughout each year and prepare progress reports. We complement project development with education and technology provided by North American experts, as needed. Over 2,800 people have turned their vacation into humanitarian service and have spent time at our project sites.

We work primarily in Eastern Africa, but also invest in communities in need around the globe, for example, Bolivia, Afghanistan, and even Tibet.

Our Legacy of Trust

We view our organization as an investment company, not an aid agency. Instead of giving, we invest and expect a return in improved lives. We expect the community to invest in itself as well, asking for contributions of cash, labour, or local materials as they are able. Then we watch our collective investment grow into an independent, sustainable community.

Our management and directors are volunteers. They also pay their expenses to travel and monitor projects. Our small staff, advertising, and other expenses are paid for through non-project donations provided specifically for that purpose. Our office space, furniture, and computers are donated. Project donations are not used for overhead; 100% of project donations are spent on the projects themselves.

Our Future

Our youth are the future of A Better World. Our student division, Tomorrow’s EDGE, leads and guides university and high school students in taking on specific projects and going on mentored trips. As a result, more young people will be equipped to become leaders of humanitarian causes in the future

History, Governance, and Tax Status

A Better World was established in 1990 as part of the College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church (on the campus of Burman University, formerly Canadian University College) in Lacombe, Alberta; it focused on a few small international projects. It has since grown to include people from all walks of life dedicated to improving lives without regard to ethnic, political, or religious association. The church then adopted A Better World as one of many humanitarian activities it governs.

In 2016, A Better World Canada received its own charity status from the CRA. Charitable receipts are issued by A Better World Canada CRA#800994006RR0001. The full legal name for trust and will purposes is “A Better World Helping Hands Canada”.

#103, 5033 52nd Street
Lacombe, AB  T4L 2A6

Everyone is welcome to participate in A Better World activities to help improve lives at home and abroad. A Better World does not expect religious affiliation from any volunteers or beneficiaries, and does not proselytize on behalf of any church or religion.

Our Programs

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