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Physiotherapist making an impact across borders.

This summer my daughter Emily and I had the opportunity to travel with Rob Weich, of A Better World, to Bolivia. Since I am a Physical Therapist, we chose to work with the Ame Project run by Gheorghe Micoti in Santa Cruz.  Ame has two active shelters: one for individuals with mental disabilities (Shelter 2)

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Bashaw Student Responses

Azalea Lehndorff came to our school and shared her story with our school. Her story was very moving, it really hit me in the heart, and it was very inspiring. After she was done her presentation I knew I wanted to talk to her more, I also knew I wanted to help, she made me

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Sudani Impression

A sea of little faces looked up at me offering my Nikon camera a “Kodak” moment.  One little shy face of a small boy dressed in his long white jalabea, now no longer sparking white, attracted my attention.  I went down on my haunches in front of him and in my broken Arabic, asked his

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