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2017 Priority Projects: Investing in clean water and toilets

By LAURA TESTER For nearly everyone living in the Western world, clean water and toilets are necessities. In rural East Africa, they’re luxuries. A Better World Canada is making steps to change that scenario in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Identified as a priority project for 2017, it aims to add at least 100 new toilets,

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A Better Future for Orphans in Rapogi

By Keith Clouten Project Manager, Rapogi Primary School When UNICEF published last year’s orphan statistics, our shrinking attention span was more likely to bring a tired yawn than concerted action. Cold, hard facts like 56 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa (more than 1.5 times Canada’s population) or 3 million in Kenya (that’s half of Toronto)

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Sunshine Hills doubles their fundraising goal of $10,000 to help children in Rwanda

By Vesna Mirkovich Driving by Sunshine Hills Elementary, you would think the school, nestled in a pleasant neighbourhood of suburban Delta, B.C., is like all the other good neighbourhood public schools. Nothing on the outside would set it apart from the rest. But inside its walls you will find driven and compassionate administrators, teachers, and

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“Three Words That Can Transform Your World”

“Three Words that can Transform your World”: the commencement address at the Burman University graduation was given by Eric Rajah, cofounder of A Better World. He shared experiences of starting A Better World and how Burman Universities core values of Think, Believe and Act can transform the world. He shared examples from the graduating class

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Budding philanthropist raises money through her first children’s book

BY LAURA TESTER Pictured above: Emily Allen reads her alphabet book to Mrs. Hind’s kindergarten class at Saskatoon Christian School in April. Emily Allen already has a children’s book out and she’s just nine herself. This budding philanthropist from Saskatoon is raising money for A Better World Canada through the sales of her first book,

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Gold for Gideon: A Ndanai Success Story

When Gideon was 11 years old, he lost both his legs in a train accident. Since then, Gideon has overcome many obstacles, living an incredible life despite the difficulties. A student and resident of Ndanai Primary School, Gideon has grown into an incredibly talented and athletic young man. When our Rehab and Physio team was

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Stepping into the classroom with ABW’s Education Program Manager

Pictured above: Keith Leavitt of Lacombe enjoys volunteering with A Better World Canada because he can help children, the future of Kenya. He met this boy attending class at Simotwet Primary School in October 2016. BY LAURA TESTER With nearly 40 years of teaching experience behind him, Keith Leavitt is excited about the latest project he’s

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Sunshine Hills Elementary School heading into another year of fundraising

At the end of this year, Sunshine Hills Elementary School will have donated a total of $170,000 to projects around the world through A Better World. Today, Eric Rajah made his 9th trip to speak at the school in Delta, BC. He is always thrilled to speak with this amazing group of leaders. This year,

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Red Deer Family Gives Back

BY LAURA TESTER Pictured above: Alex Walls and the rest of her family, mother Mona, brother Gordie and father Roger, pose with occupational therapist named Veronica who works closely with A Better World Canada, Ndanai Small Home for the Physically Challenged and the community at large to identify and evaluate children with disabilities.   In

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Meet the Manager: Keith Leavitt, Education Program

We sat down with Keith Leavitt, our Education Program Manager, to learn a little bit more about his involvement with A Better World, his philosophy of education, and some of the most life-changing experiences he’s had during the course of his career.   How did you get involved with A Better World? Philosophically, I became involved

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The Big Ark Alphabet Book: Emily’s Handmade Fundraiser

A few days ago, we received a very special delivery all the way from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Emily Allen, a grade 3 student from Saskatoon Christian School, sent us a copy of her handmade book, The Big Ark Alphabet Book, along with the $40 of proceeds for schools in Kenya.   Emily was inspired to write her book while

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Pr. Ron Sydenham speaks at Lacombe Rotary Club

Ron Sydenham, Chair A Better World speaks at the Lacombe Rotary Club on “ Community Compassion 12”.  A Better World’s initiative to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. 

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