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El Sauce’s mission has been to provide a home for boys and girls that have been orphaned or abandoned. In the last couple of years they have taken on a critical need in providing care to young girls who have been impregnated by family members or by rape and have since been abandoned by their families. They have been in existence for approximately 10 years and strive to be self sustaining by growing and developing their Organic Vegetable Garden which is in high demand and is exporting produce to the largest city in Bolivia. The success of the gardens provides for the bare necessities of the children but there is no funding available to provide any of the extra’s J This is where this project comes in. After Mikelle Wile, a former Burman University student came back from spending a year at the orphanage she was asked her what the greatest need was. She said that while they need help to improve the gardens, the water system, and to build more homes, she feels the greatest need is to provide an opportunity for these children to be children. “I learned that play is such an important part of a child’s development, especially for children who have been mistreated. The kids at El Sauce don’t have a safe place to play and have their imaginations stimulated. When I was living there, I found myself having to show the the kids how to play,” she said. The greatest need in her eyes was to provide a safe place for the children to play. They can not play in the grass or the mountains due to the snakes, deadly insects and animals that live nearby. This playground can meet this need for the 18 children that currently attend the orphanage and the many more that will arrive over the years.

Phase Updates

El Sauce Phase 3 Updates

April 3, 2017 The land is ready for the playground! Some of the kids from El Sauce

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El Sauce Phase 3 Updates

The plans

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El Sauce Phase 3

$5,000 goal

$900 raised

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Phase Objective

To build a playground for the children

Project Leader: Rob Weich

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