100 Classrooms Project - Afghanistan/ Ghajary Khana Girls’ School

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Project Story

“I ran away from home when I was 10 years old to get an education.” This is what Azalea Lehndorff, our project Manager, recalls about growing up in North America. Determined to give the girls of Afghanistan an opportunity for education, she launched the 100 Classrooms Project. Generous donors who believe in that same dream have funded 71 classrooms so far, investing almost $800,000. With this phase, you have an opportunity to build 10 more classrooms by March 2017 and bring us closer to our goal of providing permanent education for 18,000 students/year in Afghanistan. Click ►HERE to hear more about Azalea and the women she supports.

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Phase at a Glance

Ghajary Khana Girls’ School

$140,000 goal

$135,000 raised

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Phase Objective

To build a new 10-classroom school

Project Leader: Azalea Lehndorff and Javid Noori

Other Phases

100 Classrooms Project Phase 1

As of June 2013, 4 schools were completed (32 classrooms) plus libraries and science labs. In 2014 funds are in place to construct 2 girls schools and to renovate an additional 13 classrooms.

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100 Classrooms Project Phase 2

During Phase 2 of the 100 Classrooms Project, 39 more classrooms will be built and furnished. Labs and libraries will be installed in each of the new schools. 71 Classrooms have been completed to date

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100 Classrooms Project Phase 3 (Project J Secondary)

To build a new 10-classroom school at Project J

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Khatoon Qala High School