Rapogi Primary School/ Rapogi Primary School Phase 4

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About this Phase

The Rapogi area has an unusual number of orphans because of their parents dying of HIV/AIDS. Many of these children are being cared for by their grandparents who can’t provide the funds for the children to attend school. A local family in Rapogi saw the needs of these children and initiated this project to provide the opportunity for education. Now, the 8th and final classroom needs to be completed so that students can graduate from the Primary School.

Phase Updates

Rapogi Primary School Phase 4 Updates

March 2018 Update from Project Manager Keith Clouten   May 29, 2017 Inside the new bathrooms.   February 6, 2017 Nearly completed Bathrooms where the children can bathe and wash their clothes.

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Rapogi Primary School Water Update

January 10, 2017 The new tanks and gutters are allowing the school to collect drinking and cooking water.

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Phase at a Glance

Rapogi Primary School Phase 4

$20,000 goal

$10,000 raised

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Phase Objective

To build Classroom 8 to complete primary school; new bathrooms

Project Leader: Keith Clouten in Canada, Neville Clouten in Australia

Major Donor: Keith and Ngaire Clouten, Neville and Noreen Clouten

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Rapogi Vocational School Phase 1

Not everyone graduating from this primary school will have the opportunity to go on to secondary school and university. Therefore, a vocational school to train students in trades such as plumbing, bicycle repair, and carpentry is beneficial in ensuring that these students will have careers after they graduate from the 8th grade.

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