Segera Mission/ Segera Mission Clinic (Funding by Rangeland Engineering) – Phase 1

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Project Story

We currently have 3 active phases for the development of Segera’s clinic. The clinic serves an area of over 10,000 people and can see up to 1,000 patients each month! You can improve healthcare services at Segera by joining us in building a new 5-room community health centre and installing a water system for the Clinic and community by March 2017. Click ►HERE to read more about the clinic. 

About this Phase

Little baby “Pappy” was safely delivered in the Segera Clinic during the memorial service for the Mission’s founder Reverend Carlton “Pappy” Gleason in 2012. Baby Pappy was one of 92 babies delivered in the clinic that year. We can continue to enable the Segera Clinic to safely deliver babies and provide other kinds of healthcare to the community. Right now, our goal is to build a new 5-room community health centre to ensure that the greatest possible care will be provided. Rangeland Engineering employees are currently fundraising to meet the donation goal.

Phase Updates

Segera Mission Agriculture Update

November 22, 2016 An update from Serge: We started the 3rd season of our agriculture program. We will also focus on our farm at the Mission and our program in Jerusalem. We introduced the domestic garden in a sac in Jerusalem and each HH has fours bags of vegetables and they are doing extremely well.

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Segera Mission Light Update

June 23, 2016 Rick Wiebe, Segera’s Project Manager, delivered several blow-up lights to the teachers/staff of Segera. Here he is introducing them: just blow into the light, and voila! And the students are learning how to use them!

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Phase at a Glance

Segera Mission Clinic (Funding by Rangeland Engineering) – Phase 1

$50,000 goal

$0 raised

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Phase Objective

To build a new 5-room community health centre

Project Leader: Rick Wiebe and Pat Romerman

Major Donor: Rangeland Engineering (Calgary, AB)

Other Phases

Segera Mission School – Phase 1

The building of 4 classrooms

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Segera Mission School – Phase 2

To build 3 new Primary School Classrooms

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