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In 2014, the US Government downgraded Thailand to Tier 3 on the TIP Report, “the lowest possible ranking it gives for national responses to fighting modern day slavery” (CNN News). Many foreign migrants in Thailand are forced into labour or prostitution and face physical abuse or even death. With your help, we can change that. We can improve the lives of a handful of people in Thailand that are seeking to leave the sex trade through the Home of New Beginnings in Bangkok. Click ►HERE to read more about the Home.

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She Has A Name Phase 3

$40,000 goal

$11,000 raised

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Phase Objective

To provide food, tutoring, and staff salaries for a year

Project Leader: Shanelle Adams

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Construction of a Boys Dormitory

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She Has A Name Phase 2

A Better World raised money to purchase a freezer, air conditioner, 1 desktop and Office equipment for the girls to practice their technical training.

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