Tomorrow's EDGE/ Tomorrow’s Edge 2018

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About this Phase

  • Internship Program (filled)
  • Student Training (filled)
  • Humanitarian Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Conference

– Inviting 60 high school students for one weekend of intensive training and inspiring humanitarian leadership workshops

– Expected outcome: to give the necessary tools and inspiration needed for students to create humanitarian projects locally and globally

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Phase at a Glance

Tomorrow’s Edge 2018

$70,000 goal

$70,000 raised

Phase Objective

  1. Internship Program (filled)
  2. Student Training (filled)
  3. Humanitarian Leaders of Tomorrow Youth Conference

Project Leader: Jacqui McCarty; advisors Eric Rajah and Dr. Cathy Wright

Major Donor: Cathy and Harold Roozen

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Tomorrow’ Edge 2016 Program

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