Water Program/ Water Program Phase 5

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About this Phase

Our goal this year is to drill 5 water wells to provide clean water for 20,000 people.  This phase will involve drilling deep water wells, electric or solar pumping systems, water tanks and piping.

Phase Updates

Enkinda Secondary Water Tank Update

August 2014 Very impressive progress this month.   Great progress continues.     The progress is good. The completion of the project will make the school have storage of 97,000 cubic metres of water.

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Ikonge Water Project

A water tank on the stand along with solar panels have been mounted on the roof at the Ikonge Primary School

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Phase at a Glance

Water Program Phase 5

$150,000 goal

$150,000 raised

Phase Objective

Project Leader: Stu MacPhail

Major Donor: MacPhail Family

Other Phases

Kaplomboi Community Water Project

To drill one well with a distribution system

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Kericho Community Water Projects

To provide clean water access for 3 communities

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Water Program – Phases 1 to 4

Drilling water wells around Kenya

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Water Program 2016/17

200 children every hour are hospitalized due to lack of clean water. The numbers are staggering: 1 billion people in the planet do not have access to clean water.  You have the opportunity to change that. By joining our clean water program, you can journey with us towards our goal of reducing illness by providing 3 communities with 3 deep wells for 2016/17. Click ►HERE to see how some children are collecting water for their families vs. how they could be with a deep well.

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Water Program 2019

To build 10 water catchment systems. Our goal is to provide a clean source of water for 10 schools, starting with Tulwap Primary SchoolRinga Primary School, and Sogobet Primary School

To build 5 shallow wells in 5 communities.

To build 2 deep wells in 2 communities.

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