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About This Project

Tents: 11
Students: 338
Teachers: 9
Invested: $6,153


About the project

In May 2010, a team of Canadians from A Better World visited potential sites on which schools would be built. One of the sites that we visited was Qara Bagh, a small community where refugees from the war are returning. At Qara Bagh, the ABW team was invited to attend a meeting with the Shura (elected community elders-like town counsel). The community has requested a tent school first, because the students are studying outside, with no shelter, and the weather will soon be getting colder. We will first supply them with tents, furniture, and bathrooms, on the land that they have donated.

Our involvement

In November 2011, five tents were provided at this school along with desks for every student and file cabinets for administrators.

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Completed Phases

Qualai-e-Haji Primary School – Tents and Desks

The new tents at Qualai -e- Haji helped to make it possible for students to study in improved conditions.

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