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About This Project

Classrooms: 8
Students: 1,221
Teachers: 28
Invested: $106,500


About the project

The Tunika Hassan Tabin High School has been operating for the last 30 years, with the exception of a 3-year period during the Taliban Regime. Located 10 km SE of Sheberghan, the school is in a rural village. This school was presented to a team from A Better World as a top priority by the Provincial Minister of Education. During our site visit, the A Better World team quickly understood why the needs at the school had been emphasized. 516 boys and 530 girls study here, in two separate shifts.

The classrooms, which were used as a military base during the Taliban regime, are in poor repair, and the building is without a ceiling. In some rooms they have used plastic tarps, held down by wood, to cover the ceiling. Bullet holes can be seen in many of the walls. In each classroom, there was a whiteboard on the wall, the money for which was raised by the students. The current classrooms also include 5 tents that have been provided by another organization. These tents are located on the land that has been donated by the community.

The Principal, Akhtar Mohammed, and other village leaders came together for a meeting with us. He expressed his priorities in this order: (1) Classrooms and furniture, (2) A pit latrine with eight stalls (currently there are no toilet facilities), four for the girls, four for the boys.

Our involvement

To date, both of these requests have been fulfilled. An 8-classroom school building was completed in 2013, followed by a new library and lab. The community is involved and takes pride in the school grounds, and in making improvements.

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Current Phase

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Completed Phases

Tunika High School Lab – Phase 3

After completion of the new school building and library, the principle has requested assistance to install a science lab to improve the learning experience in the upper grades.

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Tunika High School Library – Phase 2

Due to the need for space in the brand new school building, a room in the old school was chosen and was renovated to be used for the library.

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Tunika High School Classrooms – Phase 1

The construction of an 8-classroom building

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