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Goals for 2016
Gardens: 5
Benefits: 1,500
Cost: $25,000
Total Invested: $60,000


Agriculture Program

Segera gardenSegera Mission Garden, Kenya
Simotwet gardenSimotwet Primary School Garden, Kenya
Male Primary GardenMale Primary School Garden, Kenya


Male Secondary GardenMale Secondary School Garden, Kenya


More about the program

A Better World encourages and supports community efforts and programs designed to increase or create food systems that lead to a secure source of food. Our objectives are to: Support agriculture programs and initiatives to ensure continued supply of food and encourage growing crops. The key elements of our Food Security program are:

  • Education programs focused on crop & livestock management, land management and market development
  • Development of irrigation systems
  • The provision of agricultural inputs – seed, chemicals and equipment One of our major focus is to get every school that has a feeding program to grow their own garden to feed the students.


Agriculture Projects

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Ndanai Primary School   Male Secondary School   Loigero Primary School   Balochi Breakfast Centre 

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Current Phase

School Garden Projects 2017

$25,000 goal

$0 raised

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Phase Objective

To plant 5 gardens at 5 ABW schools

Project Leader:  Rick Wiebe

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Completed Phases

School Garden Projects 2016

Out of a classroom of 60 children, 40 come to school hungry according to social worker Eva Cahllis. This makes learning a great challenge. You have an opportunity to help these children learn and grow in the healthiest way possible by enabling all of our schools to grow gardens t…

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Agricultural Program 2014

The agricultural program for 2014

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