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The Atar Water Project is in need of clean potable water, People in the village are still struggling everyday with major health problems due to the lack of clean drinking water. We can help these people and providing this basic need to the community

Monybany Minyang Dau was born in South Sudan. He grew up in the small Village of Atar until he was about 9 years old. He then voluntarily enlisted to become a child soilder and fight for the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Soon afterward, Monybany joined thousands of Sudanese as they journeyed for six weeks on foot to reach a safe haven. They fled to a refugee camp in Ethiopia.  This was around the time when a famine devastated Ethiopia adding to the turmoil and destruction already caused by the war. This forced Monybany to leave to find refuge elsewhere.

Now in Canada studying Business, Monybany plans to answer the call for a Better Sudan and help rebuild Sudan. Starting with Atar, he plans to build a well and start the long overdue human effort to help restore dignity, sustainability, and life back into his people. Read More HERE



Current Phase Updates

Atar Water Project Phase 1 Update 4

We hope the reasons for the project delay, as described in the ASMP statement, will end this summer and allow us to begin drilling in October.  Increased donations over the summer will allow us to begin a more significant work program with our drilling partner as soon as conditions allow.

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Matching donations available! Atar Water Project Phase 1 Update 3

Donations received after June 1, 2014 will be doubled, thanks to anonymous donors who have offered to match all new donations up to a maximum of $40,000.  

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Atar Water Project Phase 1 Update 2

Drilling partner selected! Click to see the May 21, 2014 statement from Alaska Sudan Medical Project (ASMP) May 21, 2014 statement from Alaska Sudan Medical Project (ASMP)

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Atar Water Project Phase 1

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Current Phase

Atar Water Project Phase 1

$150,000 goal

$45,201.76 raised

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Phase Objective

Phase 1 is to build 10 water wells at $15,000 per well

Project Leader:  Monybany Dau

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