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About This Project

What’s it all about?

Our vision is to help Lacombe and surrounding areas to become even more compassionate with small acts of kindness! A ripple effect starts with one. One person to hold the door open. One person to leave an encouraging note on someone’s car. One person to listen with an open heart. One person to be a spark of kindness when another really needs it.

Learning to think about others begins with intentional actions. Would you consider doing one simple act of Compassion in your community every month?


How can you get involved?

Please submit your acts of compassion (with photos if possible) for publication by clicking here. You can also submit by emailing or calling 403-782-0325.

Use #compassion12 to post your acts of compassion on social media!

Here are some ways that YOU can join the movement!

visit the elderly • write thank-you notes for people who have helped you • share your time with someone sick or lonely • take someone shopping • do errands for someone who doesn’t drive • take someone out for lunch • pay the bill for the car behind you at Tim Horton’s • give compliments—don’t just think it, say it • write a short email praising someone every time you open your inbox • make little gift baskets for kids in your neighbourhood • give someone who is overwhelmed a call before going to the store to see if they need anything • put a surprise note or sketch in your spouse’s or kid’s lunch • drive around with your shovel and randomly stop to help someone with their sidewalk after a snowstorm • join the bone marrow registry • donate the things that you don’t use anymore • say “hello” to strangers and smile • call your parents • let another car merge in front of you • bring in snacks for your office • leave a big tip • buy a variety of cakes and hand out slices at the mall or another public place • hold the door open on the elevator • give candy to your bank teller • leave a kind letter in a library book • invite students to your house for supper • volunteer at the SPCA • put coins into someone’s parking meter • and many, many more!

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