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Patients: 40,000
Surgeries: 8,000
Volunteers: 75
Invested: $350,000


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About the service

Our Community Health/Medical Clinic Service, a part of our Health Program, is directed by Dr. Ray Comeau and Deryl Comeau, RN, BScN, OHNC, MN. Our main goal is to increase access to basic medical care, increase education and awareness of basic health care principles, and decrease the risk factors associated with poor health conditions. Your gift helps us to construct, upgrade, and maintain our Health Care Centres; provide medical services and supplies through access to vaccinations, medicines, and medical aides; and develop and support rehabilitation aimed at enriching the life of the disabled along with dental services for oral health.

The medical education service encourages continued professional education, personal hygiene, nutrition, disease prevention, and environmental awareness. Twice a year, our medical teams travel to various parts of the world, treating patients and training local medical personnel. Over 40,000 people annually receive improved health through your gifts. Thank you for improving the health of someone today.

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Current Phase

Community Health/Medical Clinic Service 2017

$15,000 goal

$0 raised

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Phase Objective

To buy medicines and supplies for 4 medical clinics and train 8 community health workers

Project Leader:  Dr. Ray and Deryl Comeau

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Completed Phases

Community Health/Medical Clinic Service 2016

When we looked into the death of Festus, an 8-year-old child who, due to complications and difficulty breathing, passed away during surgery, we learned that the hospital only had a paper bag to help him breath. In spite of the doctors’ best efforts, the result was tragic. Our ongoin…

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Health/Medical Service 2014

Funding needed for the 2014 Health Program

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