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Students Enrolled in 2015: 33,964
Students Enrolled since 1990: 120,135


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Education and Child Welfare: The well-being of children has been demonstrated by numerous studies to be a cornerstone to sustainable improvement in developing nations. Healthy, well-educated children lead directly to lower birth rates and a generally more progressive population. A Better World strongly supports the education of children, paying special attention to girls, the disabled, those in rural areas, or others likely to be denied access to a quality education. We also support the care of children when necessary to ensure their success.

To qualify for assistance from A Better World, a school must first exhibit a degree of stability. Many schools we have supported have been in operation for decades, but some have been as new as one or two years old; however, they must be operated by a community board and receive financial support or in-kind donations from the community, and be open to all community students. They do not have to be registered with the government, but must be following government curriculum and standards. Some schools end up being registered by the government because of the stability and growth we provide.

Education projects in most communities start with construction of safe, solid and secure classrooms, along with support buildings such as kitchens, dining rooms, dormitories or toilets, as well as providing furnishings. Improving the educational environment normally increases attendance, as parents recognize the stability and are more willing to jump on the educational bandwagon. Kitchens to support feeding programs also increase attendance, while dorms allow children to spend more time studying and less time walking several kilometres per day through sometimes dangerous territory to attend school.

While such capital projects are normally managed by the regional manager, professional development programs are also provided through A Better World’s education program manager. Volunteer educators and education professors travel at least once per year to organize professional development sessions attended by teachers who work in school divisions where A Better World provides assistance. In these rural regions, the sessions provided by A Better World may be the only professional development the teachers get.

Additionally, A Better World provides financial support through sponsorships and other programs. We pay for student uniforms, tuitions and other expenses, buy books and other classroom materials for schools, donate transportation such as bicycles for children or teachers, and provide scholarships for post-secondary education. Any expense or support equipment that prevents children from getting a quality education is eligible for program funding.

Alongside education, children must also be provided with a healthy lifestyle in order to become prosperous adults. A vast number of children in developing nations are orphaned or semi-orphaned and have no family members able to care for them. Thus A Better World also supports orphanages through a variety of means, including building schools on site.

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Education Program 2016

$950,000 goal

$750,950 raised

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This year we are planning to invest $950,000 in education. This includes the construction of new structures (toilets, classrooms, administration buildings).

Project Leader:  Keith Leavitt and Team

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