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About the project

Far off the beaten trail, near the Masai Mara Game Reserve, the Endoinyo Erinka Community Health Centre provides services to the Masai people living throughout this remote region of the Rift Valley. The healthcare workers do a tremendous job serving the people, but the clinic needs to be expanded. At any given time, a lineup of patients can be seen outside on the front porch awaiting their chance to see the doctor. The delivery suite is a tiny closet off of one of the examining rooms. Many people have to walk up to 20 km to reach the facility.

Our involvement

A Better World has a three-phase plan to upgrade this facility in partnership with the government funding. The first phase is the construction of an outpatient unit.

There are also plans to install a water well and storage tank for the clinic.

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Endonyio Erinka Community Health Center Phase 1

Build an outpatient unit with 4 room and a water well.

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