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About This Project

Classrooms: 45
Students: 5,163
Teachers: 149
Invested: $5,000


About the project

Fatemi Balkhy High School was built by a single donor who, since its construction, has not been in contact with the administrators at the High School. As a result of the high demand for girl’s education, the High School is now full beyond capacity with over 5,000 girls attending each day in two shifts. As a result of this increase in enrolment, beyond the capacity of the building, there are about 5 tents set up behind the school building in which the students sit on mats on the dirt to study.

Our involvement

In answer to the request for benches, A Better World provided 115 benches to furnish the classrooms. Each bench seats two to three students.

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Fatemi Balkhy Desks

The request for benches at this large girls’ high school in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan came in June 2011. Mazar-i-Sharif is the largest city in Northern Afghanistan. Since the end of the Taliban regime, Mazar has grown and developed extensively.

This request came as a result of th…

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