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About This Project

Communities: 6
Computers: 16
Instructors: 7
Invested: $8,000

This is a community about 30 minutes by taxi away from the town of Copan Ruinas. I have been working with this community for 4 years. It is a very poor community where the average income is about 6$ to 7$ a day for field labor or 9$ to 10$ a day coffee picking (when there are jobs available)   the families are large and the education is undervalued.   they need the kids to work to help support the family.  We started the Computer Based Learning program in this community 2 1/2 years ago and at that time there had be NO one that had completed education at a level greater than Grade 6.   We have had between 7 and 12 students using the computers that we bought and installed and will have 3 students completing Grade 9 this year.   Unfortunately, this community is very difficult to work with and although I plan to continue to provide this opportunity in this community, I would like to expand the program to other communities where there is greater community support.   I have had a proposal from three other communities in this region south of Copan that have asked for “seed money” to provide this educational opportunity to their young people. Canadian Peace Makers supplied the curriculum for the computers.

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Honduras Computer Based Learning Phase 1

To purchase and instal 16 computers for multiple communities

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