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About This Project

Classrooms: 8
Students: 552
Teachers: 13
Invested: $255,000


About the project
Irbaan Primary School is a relatively new and rapidly growing school serving remote Maasai communities near the boundaries of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It was an unregistered school operating in rudimentary wooden structures when ABW first learned of it in 2006. Teachers paid entirely by parents were teaching 43 children. By 2008, the school was registered with the government and had since grown to about 450 students in 2013, with on-site residences for students and teachers. The government was paying only four teachers, while ABW paid salaries of two more and the parents paid five more. Currently, there are 228 boys and 238 girls in upper classes. There are 54 boys and 32 girls in the ECD classroom. There are 13 teachers.

Our Involvement
ABW immediately began building permanent stone classrooms for the school, with three in 2007. Later we added five more primary classrooms, a separate three-room preschool, a girls’ dormitory (capacity 120), teachers’ residences, and a kitchen and dining facility. ABW has also drilled a well with an accompanying water distribution and irrigation system, allowing the school to start a garden. Another agency built a ninth classroom, which was adapted into an administration block.

Notable Features
• The school had its first Grade 8 class in 2013, with 12 students writing the national exams.
• In 2013, all grades scored above the national average on exams.
• Keeping a garden has been a challenge due to elephant traffic.
• In 2013, one of the classrooms was converted to a boys’ dorm, accommodating 76.
• Government funding provides one text for every four children.

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Completed Phases

Irbaan Primary School Phase 7

To build 8 new toilets and outer courtyard for the dormitory

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Irbaan Primary School Phase 6

To renovate the dining hall

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Irbaan Primary School Phase 5

To build a dormitory for 100 students and add water tanks to 6 classrooms and garden

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Irbaan Primary School – Phases 1 to 4

Construction of staff housing building

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