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You can stop unnecessary deaths – 200 children every hour are hospitalized due to lack of clean water. The numbers are staggering: 1 billion people in the planet do not have access to clean water. By joining our clean water program, you can journey with us towards the goal of reducing illness by providing 2,000 people with clean drinking water. Click ►HERE to see how some children are collecting water for their families vs. how they could be with a deep well.

About This Project

Villages: 1
People: 6,000
Wells: 0
Invested: $40,000


A Better World is pleased that Don and Phyllis Corkum have chosen to celebrate this milestone in their lives with a gift to help others.  In Honour of their dedication and commitment to serving God and humanity A Better World will be implementing a water irrigation system and clean drinking water supply that will serve the Jerusalem Community of over 6,000 people in need of water. Our goal is to raise $10,000. We are grateful that the Corkums have chosen to sponsor this project to mark their 50th wedding anniversary. Since the Corkums initiated this project, many other donors have also started funding. Currently, Royal LePage is funding the 3rd phase of development.

Our partner in Kenya is Segera Mission, an organization that promotes health, education, sanitation, and agricultural training to the local villages. Jerusalem is one of the surrounding villages. Segera Mission has taught Jerusalem to grow their own agricultural crops of maize, beans, and cabbage. The gardens were doing great until the rain stopped and they had no way to sustain their crops.

ABW co-founders Brian and Eric said, “We want to express gratitude to the Corkum’s for their service, leadership, and mentorship in our lives. We are grateful for the impact they made in our lives while we were members of their congregation.”

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Completed Phases

Jerusalem Village Water Project Phase 2

To install liners for dugout and water pumps for irrigation

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Jerusalem Village Water Project Phase 1 (Don and Phyllis Corkum)

Implement a water irrigation system. This project is sponsored by Don and Phyllis Corkum to mark their 50th Wedding Anniversary

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