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Serving: 274 households
People: 2,569
Wells: 2
Invested: $3,880


The Kabul Water Project was started on December 2, 2016 in close corporation with community members, key beneficiaries, schools, and a basic health clinic located in the vicinity. The project was completed within 20 working days; the work progress was overseen by community members, Rural Rehabilitation Department staff as volunteer contributors, BHC staff, and a school head teacher. The community also contributed funds towards the project.

50% of the beneficiaries are returnees from Iran and Pakistan, around 15% of the beneficiaries are Pashtuns returned from Pakistan, and 35% are coming from central provinces or originally from Kabul. Most of the residents are roadside retailers, construction labourers, and government employees who receive minimum wage.

Considering the current political and economic situation in the country, and lack of employment and limited income sources, most of the communities have been struggling. Although life cannot be abridged on drinking water only, lack of drinking or uneasy access to drinking water is directly distressing children’s health and education.

The total catchment population in this district is 7,000 households which less than 50% had access to drinking water, and half of the community is suffering from lack of water. – Javid Noori, Project Manager

Children from the community using the new well

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Kabul Water Project

To drill (by gravity pounding) 2 wells and install hand-pumps.

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