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About This Project

Classrooms: 22
Students: 984
Teachers: 22
Invested: $105,000


About the project

Ikonge Primary School is the largest school supported by ABW. Located between Kisii and Kericho, it serves an area populated primarily by tea industry labourers. It was founded at least 40 years ago, and continues to grow, with 731 primary students in 2013 and 164 preschoolers. The government funded 18 teachers that year (including two special education teachers), while parents paid one additional primary teacher and four ECD teachers. The oldest existing buildings (11 classrooms) were built in 1991 but have deteriorated badly. Four classrooms funded by Barclay’s Bank and two by the Community Development Fund are in good condition. You can see the current numbers above. Right now, 492 students are girls and 492 students are boys. There are 8 men and 14 women teaching.

Our Involvement

ABW discovered Ikonge in 2008 and has replaced several of the worst buildings. We built five primary school classrooms (one of which is now a computer lab) and a separate four-room building that contains the preschool and library. ABW also refaced the administration building, added water collection systems and, in 2010, drilled a 100-metre well that the community is responsible for servicing.

Notable Features

  • According to head teacher James Kibegwa Nyakondo, construction of the new classrooms by ABW has drawn about another 100 students to the school.
  • Children travel up to five km to attend Ikonge.
  • In 2013, more students wrote the Grade 8 national exams than in the last 30 years.

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Ikonge Primary School Phase 6

To build 3 classrooms and 8 toilets

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Ikonge Primary School Phase 5

To build 4 new classrooms, drill a well, and install a water distribution system

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