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This school was founded in 2002 and is located near Kedowa. The school presently has 62 deaf children, it has the capacity to house as many as 80 students, and consists of ten teachers, six of which are deaf as well. The deafness has been attributed to genetic issues, birth defects and illnesses such as Malaria.

The school covers Nursery school to Standard 6. Presently, they have four classrooms, a girl’s dormitory and a temporary kitchen. The government is presently constructing a boy’s dormitory; but does not have the funds for the girls as well. The new girl’s dormitory will need 40 beds and mattresses. The old dormitory will serve as a library or a dining hall. The students presently eat outside, rain or shine. The school has great community and church support by donating food, firewood, supplies and labour.

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