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About This Project

Classrooms: 2
Students: 120
Teachers: 5
Invested: $70,543


About the project

30 Kilometers from Mombasa on the Mombasa – Nairobi highway is the community of Kaliang’ombe. It is a 90-minute drive, over rough roads, from the coastal city of Mombasa. On privately donated land is Jipe Moyo — a nursery school with current enrollment of 120 students. Nursery school is not compulsory for children ages 3-5. However, most primary schools provide this opportunity so children can succeed when they get to grade 1. About a third of them are orphans in this community and live with other family members. It is reported that families take these children into the city so they can beg and bring their share of the income needed to look after them. Some thoughtful leaders have come together and officially registered a self help group to care for these children by providing education and at least one meal a day. The 5 teachers are volunteers. The land was donated by an elder who wants to change the future of this community. He feels education is the sure way to making a better future. There are about 200 families in this village.

Our involvement

A Place of Hope: The original nursery school met under a tree and was taught by a young female volunteer of the community. By 2006, the locals had constructed a one-room mud hut school room. Since that time, funds have been raised for Phase 1, a solid, well-built, two-room school house. The school was named Jipe Moyo, which is Swahili for ‘place of hope.”

Phase 2, built in honour of Sam Klukas of Vancouver, Canada is scheduled to be completed by April 2015, adding three more school rooms and enrollment will rise to 200 students. The school has expanded its curriculum beyond the nursery level, and now students are between the ages of 2 – 11. A washroom facility has been built, and various crops sown on the one-acre school grounds are being successfully harvested.

A New Kitchen: Many students come to school to get fed the one meal a day that the school can afford.  Without that meal, students fall asleep at their desk from sheer lack of nourishment.  The current kitchen is a small mud hut with no water, sinks or electricity.  During the rainy season, the mud walls and floors can be washed away. To meet the needs of 200 students and 43,000+ meals each school year, a new kitchen is planned.  Phase 3 will be a 15′ x 15’ concrete structure, with cabinets, counters and improved ventilation for cooking.

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Current Phase

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Completed Phases

Jipe Moyo Phinney & Family Kitchen Project Phase 3

To service an urgent need to provide at least one nourishing meal a day to the 200 students (age 2 – 11). The new kitchen facility will serve 43,000+ meals per school year. The Phinney family will match all contributions of $100+.

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Sam Klukas (Jipe Moyo) Phase 2

In memory of Sam Klukas we are now raising funds to build 2 classrooms, a new roof, and desks, as well as provide furniture and educational materials. This will be dedicated to Sam who was taken from us at a tender age of 2-years-old. His legacy will live on through many preschool children i…

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Jipe Moyo Nursery School Phase 1

Construction of 2 new classrooms.

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