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About This Project

Classrooms: 8
Students: 535
Teachers: 11
Invested: $145,000


About the project

Khatoon Qala is located 13 Kilometers from the center of Sheberghan. Khatoon Qala is rural and underdeveloped. The security situation is stable, unlike other parts of Sheberghan. The number of children enrolled in school in Khatoon Qala has increased over the past few years, according to the Provincial Director of Education. Province and district education authorities have high interest and commitment in educational development of the area.

At Khatoon Qala Boys/Girls High School, 535 students have registered. Because there is no building for this school, students are studying at a rented ruined house nearby in 2 daily shifts. Some of the students are studying in tents. As girls grow older, many parents feel that the separation of boys and girls are important for their daughter to continue schooling. Some girl students mentioned that some of their classmates decided not to come to school this year, due to unavailability of basic proper facilities (Classrooms). The rented house only has 3 classrooms for students and the rest are studying under the tents or open air.

Although the community members tried to repair the building every year, the state of the building has reached a point where the ceiling has started falling and it is no longer safe to study under it. Under this situation, school is currently not receiving new high school students and even referring students to transfer to other schools nearby.

2,000 square meters of flat land for construction of the school is already donated by the community and registered under the ministry of education, but due to a lack of funds the ministry is unable to build even a fence. The community members promise to contribute in-kind and even financially to any extent possible.

Our involvement

Our first phase for Khatoon Qala High School was to build a 10-classroom school building on the land that was donated.

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Khatoon Qala Boys/Girls High School Phase 1

To build a new 10-classroom school on land donated by the community

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