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About This Project

Classrooms: 8
Students: 826
Teachers: 21
Invested: $105,000


About the project

Kinara Secondary School (Grades 1-9) has a total of 826 students that study in two separate shifts. At the time of our first visit, there was not a school building aside from a small rental building that was being used. The remainder (about half) of the students were studying in the courtyard of the mosque under the mulberry trees. Students are using the hallways of the rental building, and every room.

Our involvement

In 2012, the grand opening of the new school building with 8 classrooms and 4 additional rooms marked the completion of the first phase. The school was also furnished with desks.

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Current Phase

There are no active phases.

Completed Phases

Kinara Classrooms – Phase 1

The first priority with Kinara Secondary School was to build a new school so that students could move from sitting outside for classes to sitting in the classrooms.

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