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Serving: 25,000 People
Invested: $570,000


In this area of Sudan, there are 2 camps, Al Laya and Goz Elsalam. Goz Elsalam has 20,000 people in one camp. Al Laya has 15,000 people the other. This is a total 35,000 in two camps. There are an additional 10,000 people in the surrounding area. They have no water. The goal of this project was to provide clean and safe water to 45,000 people.

A Better World aimed to provide clean water for the people of the camps by pumping water from the Nile river to a reservoir, purifying it, and pumping it to a water holding tank. From here, a distribution system carries it to collection points within the camp. Total project price was $570,000. The major donor for this project is the CrossRoads Church. The partner donor in the project is Government of the West Nile Province. The concept was to be implemented through a partnership with the CrossRoads Church and the White Nile Province.

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Construction and building of the water system

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