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Classrooms: 10
Students: 108
Teachers: 8
Invested: $45,000


About the project

Lamu School for the mentally challenged was started in 1987 as a unit attached to Lamu Boys Primary School on Lamu Island. A year later, the unit was moved to the present site at Mokowe. The enrolment at that time was only five children. The enrolment grew to only eleven children up to 2004. The school is the only centre for learners with disabilities in the entire county and has been an eye opener to the education of children with cognitive disabilities.

Our involvement

Currently in our cordial working relationships with organizations that assist disabled children, especially A Better World Canada, we have improved the lives of many disabled children in acquiring education which is a fundamental principle in developing society. The enrolment has been growing and at the moment we have a total of 108 learners. The school has also started a centre for autistic learners. These categories of learners were previously ignored in many of our educational institution within our county.

The Kenyan government, through the commission that employs teachers, has sent 8 teachers trained in special needs education from diploma to degree level. The department of state education has also employed 6 support staff who work under the Board of Management. Through the generous assistance from ABW, we have initiated several projects which have greatly impacted the education of our disabled learners in accessing education and maintaining retention while improving the quality of education given to the disabled.

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Current Phase

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Completed Phases

Lamu Special School Phase 6

To renovate the dining hall and provide necessary furniture

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Lamu Special School Phase 5

Purchase of new bedding and beds, classroom refurbishment, infrastructure upgrades, renovation of assessment centre, roof repairs, installation of gutters for water collection, and laptop for teachers with special software.

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Lamu Special School – Phases 1 to 4

Build new classrooms, water systems, and a fence. Provide uniforms and furniture for the classrooms.

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