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About This Project

Classrooms: 14
Students: 533
Teachers: 12
Invested: $6,381


About the project

Maji Moto is a village of 15,000 Maasai people in western Kenya. Its name means “hot water” as a natural hot spring runs near the village. It has a small school and medical dispensary. The school has 14 classrooms with 533 students; 300 of which are preschool age. It is the only school in the area and children walk up to 15km to get there from their homes. With such long distances, children require boarding and somewhere to sleep and eat. The school is struggling to support and educate its students; with very limited funding, children often only receive one meal per day and sleep on a cold concrete floor. Despite these conditions the Maji Moto School boasts many academic awards. The dedicated teachers regularly teach until 10pm by candlelight! A dorm was recently built, however they cannot afford bunk beds.

Our involvement

In 2014, 50 bunk beds and 100 mattresses were provided for the school so that students could have a comfortable and warm night’s sleep.

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Maji Moto Bunkbed Project

Purchase 50 bunk beds to sleep plus 100 mattresses.

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