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About This Project

Classrooms: 15
Students: 356
Teachers: 14
Invested: $180,000


About the project

Male Primary School serves a rural community in the Mount Kenya Region. Founded in the mid-1980s, the original wooden buildings were moved to the current site in 1995. In 2013, the 315 primary students up to Grade 8 and 55 preschoolers were well accommodated in 10 classrooms with a separate computer room. Older iron sheet buildings are used for staff offices and the “library” (book storage). Two of the original wooden buildings remain on-site for “agriculture training” (livestock). Nine of the 14 teachers are funded by the government, with parents paying additional staff for preschool and maintenance. The school accesses a well at the nearby Male Secondary School, and the school sells water to the community through a kiosk at the primary school. Currently, there are 160 boys and 147 girls being educated by 8 male teachers and 6 female teachers.

Our Involvement

ABW began replacing wooden classrooms with permanent stone structures in 2007. We have completed nine classrooms, while the government has built two and an alumna one more. (One of the classrooms has been converted to a computer room and another into a staff room.) ABW also drilled a well at the nearby secondary school and set up a distribution system and sales kiosk at the primary school. An agriculture plan was developed in 2013.

Notable Features

• The school’s population has been steady in recent years, but it was as high as 500 before the school was split and Mwiyogo Primary School was formed.
• The wooden structures replaced at Malé were donated by the school to Mwiyogo and Riachu primary schools.
• The number of Grade 8 students being accepted to secondary schools increases each year.
• Head teacher Anthony Mwaniki commutes daily, about 25 minutes to travel 13 km on a motorcycle.
• In 2013 the students were raising rabbits in the agriculture building but all were stolen on a weekend.

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Male Primary School Phase 6

To construct a kitchen and dining facility

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Male Primary School Phase 5

To build 3 new classrooms

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Male Primary School Phases 1-4

To build 8 classrooms, water systems, and agriculture

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