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About This Project

Classrooms: 7
Students: 115
Teachers: 9
Invested: $82,830


About the project
Male Secondary School operates next to the Male Primary School in the Mount Kenya Region. With one classroom converted into a computer lab, this busy school packed about 200 students into four classrooms, with as many as 65 in one room in 2013. The school has a well and water distribution system, with a large garden grown on site. It also operates a kitchen for the food program in a small wooden building with a dirt floor and little circulation. Currently, there are 115 boys being educated by 5 male teachers and 4 female teachers.

Our Involvement
ABW has built two classrooms to accompany the two funded by parents and one by the Constituency Development Fund. We also drilled the well and built the distribution system to provide water to both the primary and secondary schools, which can now sell water to the community.

Notable Features

  • Head teacher Joyce Mygwe says the school could draw up to 270 students if some challenges are overcome.
  • If a dormitory is built, the school may be converted to a girls’ school. In 2013 the only boys attending were in Grade 12.

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Current Phase

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Completed Phases

Male Secondary School Phase 1

To build 2 classrooms, an extensive water catchment and distribution system, and a garden

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Male Secondary School Phase 2

To build a dining hall and kitchen that will function for the students and children.

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