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About This Project

Classrooms: 13
Students: 3,200
Teachers: 85
Invested: $57,175


About the project

Maulana Aznab High School is located in Sheberghan, Afghanistan, in Jowzjan Province. As a result of the strong opposition to the Taliban by the Northern Alliance, this area has been free of Taliban rule for slightly longer than many other parts of Afghanistan. This high school was established by the community 28 years ago. It began in a rental but later UNICEF provided funding for the construction of a building. Currently, there are 13 classrooms for 3,200 students.

Both boys and girls attend here; however, due to the lack of infrastructure, and the far distance that many students must walk to get to school, only grades 1-3 are taught for the girls. There are approximately six “classrooms” for the girls, with 30 girls studying in each classroom in three shifts per day. These “classrooms” consist of a few tents and a mat on the ground for the remainder of the students who cannot fit in the tents. There are 7 classes taught outside in tents or on the ground. Currently there are 85 teachers; 8 of which are men, and the remaining 77 are women. 24 of these teachers have a bachelor’s degree. 23 have had a small amount of teacher’s training. The remainder have completed their grade 12 education. 80% of the graduates from grade 12 attend university.

Our involvement

Between 2011 and 2013, four classrooms were constructed. After the new classrooms, a new lab and library were also installed.

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Current Phase

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Completed Phases

Maulana Aznab Classrooms and Desks – Phase 1

Between 2011 and 2013 four classrooms were constructed and a lab and library installed.

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Maulana Aznab Library – Phase 2

After the construction phase was completed, the library installation was the next priority.

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Maulana Aznab Lab – Phase 3

A science lab and projector were provided to improve the quality of the secondary school instruction.

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