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Population Served: 100,000


The Giffard Memorial Hospital has been serving poor people in Nuzvid and surrounding areas for more than 100 years.  It has a great reputation as a medical institution serving both rich and poor since the time of the early missionaries. It serves a population of more than 100,000 people and is well known for its charity work. It sends medical teams into the remote surrounding communities to conduct medical and educational programs for the underprivileged people.  They have been serving the blind people, and doing cataract surgeries on many people.  The nursing college sends student nurses into the community to help the pregnant woman and elderly. Currently they do not have a proper transportation which is continuing to hinder this work and makes the visits very intermittent.  In the past ABW has helped by providing medical equipment and beds to furnish this hospital.

Thank you for your support for this worthy project.

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Mrs. Dara’s Project Phase 1

To purchase a vehicle for the hospital that the staff will be able to use in the community outreach efforts

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