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About This Project

Rooms: 5
Communities: 15
Maternity Nurses: 2
Invested: $10,000


This project was a started by the Red Cross, who supplied the initial materials for a new maternity child clinic. This clinic will serve 15 smaller communities within this area. It is located approximately 2 hours from the nearest major center.  This was done in conjunction with Mancorrasoric (local muti community group), we were approached to provide funding for the Albanil ( forman). The funding for the remainder of the materials fell through and we were asked to provide funding for the remainder of the materials for this phase.

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Current Phase

There are no active phases.

Completed Phases

Nueva Armenia Clinic Phase 2

To purchase materials and forman costs to complete the dormitory attached to the clinic

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Nueva Armenia Clinic Phase 1

Build a maternity ward

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