Project / Nyaburi Integrated School for the Physically Handicapped

About This Project

Structures: 5
Students: 85
Staff: 9
Invested in structures: $150,000
Invested in surgeries: $450,000
Helped with mobility: Over 7,000


About the project

Nyaburi is an integrated school in Kendu Bay that admits disabled students along with fully able students. Kendu Bay is the location of our first ever project thanks to the leadership of Dr. Ken Hill. Since ABW has been involved here, over 7,000 children have received mobility through surgery and physiotherapy. The school has a gymnasium for physio and rehab activities, a wheelchair workshop, dormitories for both girls and boys, a kitchen and dining hall, and more. When we visited in February 2017, we saw the benefit of not only the surgeries, but also the water tanks that were donated through ABW during the drought.

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