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About This Project

Students: 259
Staff: 8
Invested: $3,705


About the project

This project will greatly impact the lives of 250 Olepariata students by securing their education and in turn their future abilities for employment and income. Education not only supports the individual student, but also their families and communities. This will be done by supplying 50 Desks, 8 Latrines, and a Dormitory with Laundry area. This is to be a multiphase project in this order. The Olepariata School is 65km from Narok, Kenya. It is situated in Narok County, Narok south constituency. The school is located in semi-arid area and remote setup. The school has a total population of 259 pupils. The school is recognized by the government of Kenya as inclusive setting (both children with special needs and the regular). There are 5 government paid teachers and 3 parents paid teachers. Recently the school opted to provide the boarding facilities for the pupils. The school has a serious shortage of desks and the pupils are forced to squeeze themselves on the few and depleted desks available. Four to five pupils share one desks which is supposedly made for three pupils.  In some classes, the pupils use the benches and the teacher’s table on shift arrangement. The school has only four toilets expected to serve more than 250 pupils (two for girls and two for boys) and two for teachers. The toilets are not just few but they are in bad shape and exhausted. The school is a boarding school without boarding facilities at all. There are no dormitories for the boarding utilities (bed, mattresses). Some classes and the library are turned into dormitories during the night. The boarding idea was necessitated by the fact that most children come from far distances and the need to improve the pupils education performance. The available records indicate poor education performance of the children and hence many of them don’t proceed to high school. The recent drought in the area has also made apparent the need of a boarding facility because most parents have migrated their livestock to greener pasture. There is no kitchen or dining hall. The place the children’s food is prepare is in bad shape and the children eats outside with a lot of dust. Most of the classrooms are semi-permanent with depleted walls and floors and some uncompleted for the last 10 years.

Our involvement

Our first phase for Olepariata is to purchase desks for the primary school so that the students can sit comfortably. After this, additional phases will be determined.

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Olepariata Primary School Phase 1

To purchase desks for the primary school

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