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Classrooms: 14
Students: 450
Teachers: 14
Invested: $145,000


After the earthquake in January, 2010, A Better World became involved with a small camp of internally displaced persons: providing food, water, and shelter. Soon, A Better World began to move into the development phase.

When four sewing machines were donated for a small sewing cooperative, A Better World chose to support this project as one way in which the people can sustain themselves. This project has potential for growth and sustainability over the long term. It will provide a platform for skills training, small business training, organizational leadership, and, more than anything, regular employment, with all its benefits. The basic project objectives are to provide regular employment for 12 people who will be organized in a sewing at youth.

  1. A functioning cooperative, capable of handling small orders for local and international customers. (6 months)
  2. A 25 machine cooperative with broader capacity, perhaps new machines, and a management system that will start to become independent of original volunteers.(12 mos)

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Port-Au-Prince Sewing Centre



$5,600 goal

$5,600 raised

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Project Leader:  Azalea Lehndorff

Major Donor: Lacombe Composite High School

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