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About This Project

Classrooms: 10
Students: 700
Teachers: 10
Invested: $113,400


About the project

The request for A Better World’s involvement at Qara Kent Girl’s High School originated from the Provincial Ministry of Education. The community elders of Qara Kent requested that a new Girl’s High School be built to replace the existing school that was built 35 years ago by the community.

During the Taliban regime, the community members banded together to protect their school and community. Although they preserved the school, it has now come under attack by termites that are eating the supporting beams that hold the roof in place. Due to its mud construction, and the building’s overall poor condition, these beams cannot be replaced. Due to the risk of the beams falling, they use tents/outdoors.

The school is located 16 km from Sheberghan City and has 700 students that study in two shifts. Grades 1-12 are taught here. This year, for the first time, girls will be completing Grade 12. There are 10 teachers—2 men and 8 women. The village decision makers are two Shura Counsels: 50 men, 50 women. The school Shura includes the Principal, Deputy Director, one mother, two persons from the education department, and one mullah. Decisions for the school are made by this Shura.

Our involvement

Before Phase 2, there were no desks; some students were using plastic. The first phase was to construct a new 8-classroom school building—that building was completed in September 2015.

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Current Phase

There are no active phases.

Completed Phases

Qara Kent Desks – Phase 2

To furnish the 10 classrooms with desks. Each classroom holds 12 desks, which each seats 2-3 students. The approximate cost per desk is CAD $70.

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Qara Kent Classrooms – Phase 1

The first phase at Qara Kent is to replace the current dilapidated structure with a new 8 classroom school.

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