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About This Project

Classrooms: 10
Students: 514
Teachers: 10
Invested: $113,400


About the project

Quanchuga Girl’s High School, opened 10 years ago. It is located approximately 20 km from Sheberghan city in a rural village. Grades 1-12 are taught to the 514 girls in attendance here. There are 10 teachers—6 are ladies and 4 are men.

The current school building is constructed completely of mud, with mud plaster covering the outside and inside walls. The inside has been whitewashed in order to brighten the rooms. Due to space limitation, the students use the hallway as a classroom and the younger girls are taught in tents outside.

The major issue that was brought to the attention of the A Better World team during a visit to the school is that there is an issue with snake infestation. The library is too snake infested to use during the warm season. The beams supporting the mud roof are also termite infested. This results in risk to the students.

A member of the community donated 20,000 square meters of land on which the new school was built. The students are using desks donated by Save the Children.

Our involvement

The new 10-classroom school building was completed in January 2016 with Phase 2, to furnish the classrooms with desks, completed in August of that same year.

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Current Phase

There are no active phases.

Completed Phases

Quanchuga Desks – Phase 2

To furnish the 10 Classrooms with desks. Each classroom holds 12 desks, which each seats 2-3 students. The approximate cost per desk is CAD $70.

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Quanchuga Classrooms – Phase 1

The new 10 classrooms will replace the old building and provide a safer and more spacious environment.

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