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Invested: $3,500


Florence Nikuze is a widow who has adopted three children. She currently lives in a house that is approximately 3 x 3 metres in size.  The children sleep inside on shredded banana leaves thrown on the mud floor while Florence sleeps outside. Florence lives near the village of Nyakinama about 20 minutes drive south from the city of Musanze (formerly Ruhengeri) which is the main tourist town for visiting the Mountain Gorillas. Despite being close to this tourist town she lives is a desperately poor area.Florence now owns the land adjacent, thanks to neighbours who have donated the land but she desperately needs a house.Florence works as a labourer in the area which consists mainly of subsistence farmers. She also is suffering from the early stages of Parkinson’s. A Better World will team with Amahoro Integrated Development Program based in Musanze Rwanda to build a house approximately 5 metres by 7 metres in size with a separate room inside for the children. We will also install a solar LED lighting system.

We would also like to provide some basic furniture such as beds for the children and one for Florence as well as table and chairs and some kitchen utensils.  We estimate these to cost approximately $500.

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