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Classrooms: 1
Students: 60
Teachers: 11
Invested: $15,000


San Jose de las Lagrimas (also known as Nueva San Jose) is a village of 75 families in Guatemala, just across the Honduran border, near Copan. The Indigenous population faces numerous challenges including inadequate access to potable water, basic health and medical care, sanitation, education, housing, and economic opportunities. The people are very friendly and willing to collaborate on any projects to improve their situation. While several organizations and the local municipality are collaborating on plans to bring clean water to this area, the community is also in desperate need of a new school. Their current building is a poorly constructed adobe hut with one small window, a broken door, and dirt floor. Reduviid bugs – insects responsible for the potentially fatal Chagas disease – live in the cracks and holes of the old structure. There is one teacher and 60 children crammed inside, with more students expected to join at the beginning of the next school year in January 2012. A Better World will help by providing the finances to build an adequate two-room school, latrines and washing station, and provide classroom furniture and school supplies. The funds for this project will be raised by local young woman, Maria Mihok, who has volunteered to seek sponsors and donations. Maria’s primary fundraiser will be HopeCycle 3000: a self-supported 3000 km cycle journey from Canada to Mexico beginning in September 2011. She hopes to raise $5 for each km ($15,000). Armchair travellers can follow Maria’s journey on her travel blog, which can be found at the link below.

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Maria Mihok rides 3000 KMS to raise money for the project

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