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About This Project

Facilities: 3
Patients: 6,000
Staff: 2
Invested: $55,211


About the project

Oloolaimutia is located in the Sopa area of Masai Mara. The clinic serves a population of 15,000 people. The clinic was started in 1996 with one room constructed by local people and later 2 rooms were added. Due to lack of  funding, this building was built mostly using mud bricks and is slowly deteriorating. On market days up to 100 people can be seen lined up for treatment. The clinic is operated by a local church and community group. Our goal is to expand the health services to the people in the greater Sopa area. Juma Sampuerrap, who worked at the Telek Health Centre, is now serving as a clinical officer in the Oloolaimutai Health Centre.

Our involvement

The Warren (Marilyn) Trenchard family initiated the expansion of this centre in memory of Marilyn Trenchard, a nurse who served in the Central Alberta region. This centre is a fitting tribute to a lady who spent her entire life in service. Read more about Marilyn

Since then, other partners have joined to help further expand the centre. Two maternity rooms have been built, as well as equipment purchased for both.

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Completed Phases

Sopa Clinic (Enketoria Health Centre) Phase 5
Sopa Clinic (Enketoria Health Centre) Phase 4

To build a kitchen and dining hall

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Sopa Clinic (Enketoria Health Centre) Phase 3

To build a 3-room clinic and 7 toilets

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Water Project (Elmer and Marlene Littman) Phase 2

Provide clean drinking water to the locals in the Masai Mara and education on the importance of hygiene and clean drinking water. In honour of the Littman’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.

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Sopa Clinic (Enketoria Health Centre) Phase 1

Build 2 maternity rooms and purchase equipment

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