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The school is a located locally in Kosti, in the White Nile state. In 1975, graduate skilled midwives through regular training was in a capacity of 30 midwives per year. In 2000 this number was increased to 60 -70 as a result of an increase in class room capacity (Two classrooms and one delivery room and one training room.

The delivery rooms opened in 2000 with 25 cases per month. As reported in 2008, the school was prepared to train 1750 midwives in different villages. Currently the coverage was reported to be only 73, this due to lack of awareness where as the delivery process is done by traditional midwives.

The midwife tuition fees are between $750 – $1000 USD not including the graduation fees, delivery box, and delivery license fees. Normally, this is licensing is done by MOH according to their policy. The training duration is 12 months plus another month for evaluation and final exam. The MOH is responsible for syllabus and teachers only while the the accommodation and food are mainly provided by voluntary donations from private sources which is not always guaranteed.

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Midwife Graduation

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