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Facilities: 3
Patients: 10,170
Staff: 6
Invested: $350,000


About the service

Every year, we commit to prove at least 50 surgeries for 50 children, as well as rehabilitation for each child. We house these children for as long as it takes for them to fully recover and gain as much mobility as each individual case allows. Proper nutrition is also supplied as they are recovering at the 3 different centres. A rehab/physio team from Canada visits these children every year and trains local therapists to provide the best care to each patient. A team of surgeons from Finland also make yearly trips to Kendu Bay Hospital to perform all of the corrective surgeries.

Our involvement

In 1990, when A Better World was launched, our very first service was the surgery service in Kendu Bay, Kenya. The service involved finding and identifying children with disabilities (at that time, many children were not walking because of polio). Ken Hill, on behalf of ABW, went to Kenya and launched the surgery/rehab service in the community of Kendu Bay. Arrangements were made with the local hospital to provide the surgeries at the cost of $150/child. Dr. Hill trained local medical professionals to provide post-surgery rehabilitation. This service continued to grow, and by the end of 2015, the Ministry of Health in Kenya that 10,000 children received mobility of various levels since the service began. Hundreds of donors saw the need and invested in providing surgeries, mobility devices, and even building 3 centres where children can be housed and nurtured through the process of being able to walk again. Here are the stories of Jefferson and Catherine—two disabled students whose lives were greatly impacted by your generosity.

Current Phase Updates

Thanks to you, 71 children received surgery in 2016

This year, we’re planning to provide surgeries and post-care for 60 more children with disabilities. $300 can impact a child’s life forever.     The following are a sample of the 71 surgical cases completed during 2016 and sponsored by A Better World Canada donors. These included correction of congenital ankle and foot disorders (club foot),

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Surgery and Rehab Service 2016 Update – Mara Assessment

August 10, 2016 The assessment in the Mara for disabled children went well; they managed to see 27 kids in the Enkitoria Dispensary. Here are a few pictures from ABW in-country project manager Juma.

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Current Phase

Surgery and Rehab Service 2017

$25,000 goal

$4,000 raised

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Phase Objective

To perform 60 surgeries and provide post-care

Project Leader:  Karen Leung

Major Donor: Gord and Kathy Bontje

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