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About This Project

Classrooms: 3
Students: 105
Teachers: 3
Invested: $50,486


About the project

Tulwap Nursery (ECD) School is located in a highly populated rural area, about 10 km from Ringa Primary School, but is extremely difficult to access via a bad road and footpaths. The school draws children from within a 5km radius. Tulwap Nursery is located on the same grounds as Tulwap Primary School and Tulwap Secondary School. In 2013, 470 children attended primary grades, 114 were enrolled in preschool, and 30 attended secondary school in Grades 9 to 11. The government pays wages for 10 teachers, with parents hiring another four and two ECD teachers for the preschool. When ABW first found the school, eight stone classrooms had already been built by the Constituency Development Fund and parents, accompanying six wooden classrooms, a stone administration building and other wooden sheds. Currently, there are 58 boys and 47 girls enrolled in the Nursery school with 3 female teachers employed.

Our Involvement

ABW discovered the school only recently. Our first project for Tulwap Nursery is the construction of 2 new classrooms.

Notable Features

• Head teacher of the primary school, John Barriwot, transferred from Ringa Primary School. Since then, the school’s academic achievement improved from last in the zone in 2009 to first in 2011, and second to Ringa in 2012.
• The secondary school was registered with the government in 2012 and enrolled its first Grade 12 students in 2014.
• In 2013, the largest classroom was occupied by 74 students.

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Completed Phases

Tulwap Nursery (ECD) School Phase 3

To build 4 toilets

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Tulwap Nursery (ECD) School Phase 2

To build a kitchen for school meals

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Tulwap Nursery (ECD) School Phase 1

To build new classrooms for the Nursery School

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