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Ubuntu Design Group aims to listen to the people they work with so as to empower them to transform their neighbourhoods and cultivate ubuntu–a strong sense of community. Ubuntu Design Group exists to solve design problems for formal and informal communities (shanty-towns) around the world.

Wandile Mthiyane, founder of Ubuntu Design Group, grew up in the shanty towns of Durban, South Africa, and always dreamed of returning to make a difference in his home town. When the Ethekwini Municipality afforded him an opportunity to study at Andrews University, located in Michigan, USA, he was finally able to meet like-minded peers and make this lifelong dream a reality. With this urgency and desire to help his South African community, Wandile found opportunities to learn from his professors and classmates about engaging his passion for architecture while using these skills as a tool to empower shanty towns back home. This was the birth of Ubuntu Design Group. From there, Wandile was afforded the opportunity to present his “Half-House Project” during the One Young World Resolution Project Summit in Bankgok, Thailand in [2015]. He was awarded a fellowship along with start up funding for Ubuntu.

Our Involvement

A Better World believes in the vision of UDG and decided to support their pilot project in Durban, South Africa, by contributing $4,000 to the funds needed.

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The Mtshalis Family

The Mtshalis are a resilient family who lost their home to a storm and were forced to live apart from each other as a result. The family currently lives in a cramped and unsafe shelter at the heart of Umbumbulu, Durban, South Africa. The family desires to have a safe and happy home for both the…

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