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Classrooms: 12
Students: 600
Teachers: 12
Invested: $100,000


The area of Zokhawthar borders Burma and has a high concentration of Burmese refugees. Medical Mercy Canada has been operating a full time clinic in a rented structure in the town for many years. A new clinic needs to be built to continue serving the growing community’s health needs.

A Better World has partnered with Medical Mercy Canada to help them construct the new clinic so they can continue to provide the much needed health services for the Zokhawthar area.

The clinic was designed with the help of Group 2 Architects, Dr Comeau, and local input. The structural engineering was done by a local engineer and construction is being completed by a local contractor.

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Current Phase

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Completed Phases

Zokhawthar Clinic Construction – Phases 1 to 4

Groundwork on the site was completed in August 2009.

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